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Photography :: Thinking outside of the viewfinder

21 Feb

I’m in love with photographs that go the extra step. It’s hard for me to like point and shoot photography that gives off a sickly aura of an artist that didn’t think about cropping the image, the exposure setting, did I take a black and white photo with d-max black, does it portray content thats never been seen before, etc. Suffice to say, I have a very critical eye when it comes to reviewing photo submissions.

As photo artists we have to set the mood for our contemporary culture. We need to create photos that show skill and an expertise.

Dan Mountford is a 19 year old Graphic Design student who has the “outside of the viewfinder” mentality. His double exposure photographs are modern and beautiful. There isn’t a point and shoot aura that radiates from them. You may be thinking, “He probably did all of this in photoshop.” You would be completely wrong. Dan creates his double exposure photographs in the dark room. The labor alone of creating these images is astounding!

The next time you’re thinking of going out in nature and taking photos, think to yourself, “What can I do with this photograph that no one else has ever thought of before?”

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Updates on The PEEL

31 Jan

Hello PEELers! It’s that time of year again to let you all know the deadline dates.  The media board is currently seeking applicants for the Editor in Chief position. If you’re interested in applying you may pick up a copy of the application from David Freeman in the Student Publications office in the Student Union, or you can email him at requesting an application. The deadline to apply is February 15th at 5pm. If you also have any questions regarding that position please email

Our other deadline is for the print publication, which is March 6th, at midnight.  Your submission may consist of art, poetry, and/or prose. To submit your pieces please attach the work to an email to In the subject line put what type of submission you’re submitting. In the body of the email please state your name, contact information (phone number), and the title of your piece.

I hope you all submit something of your creation 🙂

As Always,
Your devoted Editor

Submitting for the online magazine

22 Sep

If you haven’t heard already The Peel is continuing the online magazine.  And here’s the fun part!  Not only are we accepting poetry, prose, and artwork for the online publication but we are also accepting: short films, original music, dance, and spoken word.  We are allowed so much more when it comes to the online magazine and we will not be limited to any sort of length for stories or color printing for artwork.  With all that said, please, please, please, pretty please SUBMIT!  We want to show off to the state, country, and world what ASU students are creating 🙂

A quick and dirty review of How to Submit to the Peel:
1. Compose an e-mail to
2. Write the type of work you are submitting (Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry,
Art, Original Music, etc) in the subject line
3. Attach your work as follows:
Submit Art in JPEG or PDF format
Submit Writing as a DOC or DOCX.
Submit Audio/Video on a CD or via email
4. In the body of the e-mail, include your name, major and class, and contact information.
5. Click send!

If you ever have questions about getting involved with The Peel please email us at our email address listed above and one of our staff members will get back to you as soon as possible.  Prepare yourselves for a fun and enthralling year with The Peel!

And just to give you some eye candy here is a creative dance/music/art video of dancing hands.  Who knows, maybe one of you ASU students can do something similar or better yet more authentically yours!


3 Mar

Hello everyone!

Our email account went overquota around 9:00 pm on February 28th.  If you attempted to submit and received an email error message, please resubmit your work to If you submitted any writing or artwork after 9:00 pm, please feel free to send us an email inquiry to ensure that we received your submissions–you will be allowed to resubmit should your work not be in our records.  We apologize for this inconvenience.

The PEEL Staff

Submit Submit Submit!

3 Feb

Just to let you all know, the submission deadline is approaching fast! Be sure to send your writing and artwork to no later than February 28th!

That’s it, the last day, no submissions will be accepted after this time!


Amy Saltmarsh (Editor in Chief)