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Design for a good cause

4 Feb










This isn’t my typical graphic design post, but it is still design. In fact it is my favorite form of design, which is design that helps people and makes a difference. This jacket is extremely warm, waterproof, and can be turned into a sleeping bag. This could be a great temporary solution for homeless people. It obviously doesn’t solve the issue but it can help ease a few basic needs in the mean time. The materials only cost 10-15 dollars. The plan is to hire homeless people to make them (giving them a source of income) and then selling them to the general public. The coats could then be donated to homeless shelters, organizations or the individual homeless people.

Check it out.


Design recap of 2010

21 Jan

It’s a new semester, but as the print graphic designer I think I’ll stick to my old ways of sharing interesting graphic design and photography sites/events/whatnots. There is definitely no shortage of it. I cam across this website, which collected the 45 most popular articles of 2010 within the design community. Can’t get much better than that. You can find things from free fonts to cool posters, websites and logos. Here is the link for the entire list of 45 articles. Click

Some of my favorites:

40 Sexy And Creative Typographic Logo Designs






25 Must Have iPhone Apps for Graphic Designers (…someday when I get an iPhone…) note the App that tracks your time for jobs!









20 Logos with Clever Negative Space










30 Fresh and Beautiful Web Designs









Hope you enjoyed!

Jenna Slawson

Graphic Design Print

True Vintage Digital—No editing needed

20 Nov

I came across this link awhile ago and just had to share. I have a ‘small obsession’ with photography. I have a collection of about 5 old cameras ranging from 1927–1975, and was out shopping for some yesterday as well (sadly, purchases postponed until after holiday spending).

Anyways, could there be any better way to merge the vintage look of old photography with the connivence of digital than to (professionally and skillfully) slap a 100 year old lens onto a 5D? I think not. The images are absolutely amazing, they look 100 years old and yet you’re thrown off because A) half the images are in color and B) you see a new BMW or a minivan in the background. Also, for any that aren’t as much of a design/photography nerd as I am, the Canon 5D can take video. So the video on the page is shot with the 100 year old lens. The result is incredible, to say the least. No more words…go check it out for yourself 🙂

—Jenna Slawson
Graphic Design Print Head


6 Nov

When I saw this self-promotional package I was blown away. It is hard enough for your resume to stand out among everyone else’s, but when it comes to design it has to be on a whole other level. The up front cost of something on this scale I could imagine was insane. However, the payoff can be huge. It’s all about the details, the amount of time spent was well worth it. For those graduating soon or just thinking about the future…Get Inspired 🙂

Jenna Slawson, Graphic Design Print Head

Process, Process, Process

25 Oct

As an art/graphic design major I hear the word “process” almost on a daily basis. I have some professors that don’t even grade the final piece, instead they grade your process on the way to the final piece. As much as I dislike documenting and showing my own process…I LOVE seeing other people’s process. I also love Pixar, I think they are brilliant and Toy Story is one of my favorite movies of all times. So how much better can it get to see Pixar’s process? Here is a link to Juxtapoz, the author of the article that went to the “25 Years of Animation preview at Oakland Museum of California”. It shows images of sketches, pastels, watercolors, and clay figures of the process of famous Pixar films.


Jenna Slawson, Graphic Design Print Head

“Take Picture Don’t Steal”

9 Oct

I came across this site while on StumbleUpon (if you are not hooked on this website yet…you will be after this post). Since photography is listed as one of my interests this website came up. I thought it was an amazing idea. Someone tied a disposable camera to trees, light posts and what-not around a city, along with a sign that said “Take picture don’t steal”. So random people took pictures of what they saw or of themselves. Click on the red markers on the map to see the pictures for that location.

I think this would be awesome to do around campus (expensive, but definitely awesome). It’s interesting to see people and how they view the world that you otherwise never would have encountered.

Hope you enjoy,

Jenna (Graphic Design Print Head)