Modern Resentment

20 Feb

Enjoying modern art can be frustrating.

Until a couple hundred years ago, fine art was considered more of a methodological craft, based in a romantic but nonetheless technical ability. Celebrated oil paintings certainly required the illumination of a creative mind, but the ability to execute one’s artistic vision required complex knowledge of the canvas, pigment, opacity, perspective, et cetera. Conversely, modern art emphasizes the conceptual, and more often than not, does not rely on these laurels.

And this is great. But it can make you angry, in an envious sort of way. Call it the, “Why Didn’t I Think of That” Effect. Or don’t, because that’s actually a very lengthy title. At any rate, I’d like to call out Holton Rower for inciting this particular brand of resentment in me. Rower works out of Manhattan, where he produces mesmerizing paintings by pouring cup after cup of acrylic paint over a pedestal. He’s probably rich. Enjoy this video of his process, if you possess the serenity.


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