Valentine’s Day Ideas for Art Lovers

8 Feb

There are some of us that will have a valentine on the day of the 14th. Last year my valentine was a man vs. wild marathon with chicken nuggets from McDonalds. It was the epitome of sexy and scandalous! This year I’m pretty sure it will be a healthy dose of all things homework…even MORE escandoloso!

BUT, for those of you that do indeed have a special someone for VD…maybe you don’t know what to do. Snot surprising, the dinner and movie thing gets stale as crackers sometimes. But, do not fear! Rejoice, friends with benefits, married couples, off and onners, engaged folks, long distance chumps, and all of those of you that will be enjoying something sweet, strong, and drinkable Monday night, for I have found you a solution or 8.

The Washingtonian has a brillz article on things to do in DC for art lovers on VDAY.


Imma scratch that, reverse it, and make it geared toward us BOONIES

1. Living Room Sheet Fort

2. Paint a picture together

3. Bake something REAL CRAZY

4. Take a trip to Winston and visit a museum (shout out to fellow science nerds)

5. Go see a concert

6. Adopt a pet (it’s like having a child but slightly less expensive)

7. Buy a fancy bottle of champagne and drink it with that chocolate torte (see recipe above)

8. Go dancing

9. For those long distancers, theres an invention called SKYPE. Use it at your own discretion.

That’s all I have, children. Use my tips wisely–and give me a toast while you’re enjoying your new pet, food, booze, paintings, museums, forts, music, etc etc etc




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