The Wilderness Downtown

30 Jan

At the age of 13, I was of the opinion that there was no higher form of entertainment than the music video. Many an hour was lost in front of MTV, watching the myriad different visual interpretations of pop hits. I thought these artists were speaking to my own personal experience in only that way that an awkward half-delusional teenage girl can.

Eight years later, this habit is no more- in fact, until this week, I don’t think I had really actually sat down and watched a music video since those early teen years. But when a friend showed me Arcade Fire’s The Wilderness Downtown, it became obvious that something is definitely different here. And I’d like to talk about why, but really, you should see if for yourself first.

Stop reading, click ( I’ll still be here when you get back.

Isn’t that really kind of cool? Or anyway, will be. Though certain aspects of the experience are a bit choppy, some imagery noticeably less sophisticated than the others, its clear that the video is conceptually successful in a completely novel way. The band partnered with Google Earth to create a product that is interactive on an emotional level, all while strengthening the basis of the song’s content. As more information of this nature is available online, look forward to similarly interactive projects of all kinds. Pretty neat!



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