29 Jan

Shabbat shalom, everyone.  Apologies for not bloggin’ last week, but this new schedule is messin’ with my mind.

This weekend I traveled to Virginia to visit my friends from Virginia Tech (in case you missed the memo, I used to go there).  When I asked my friend Nick what I should blog about, he said,  “Okay, so you write about an Irish poodle named Sassy Kilpatrick who has wacky misadventures.  Just do a day in the life of Sassy Kilpatrick.”

I will not do that.

Instead, I will lament the closing of the local record/movie store here, Crossroads.  In addition to being a tragedy in its own right–closing the store means the employees there will be jobless, not to mention the money loss the owners must have experienced–it really is a sign of the changing landscape of music consumption.

I went in there last night because they are having a huge going-out-of-business sale, and I found myself wildly unimpressed with the very idea of a record store.  Really, unless you know what you are looking for going into it, it’s wildly difficult to discover anything new unless you’re willing to pay $15 or more to take a chance on something you have no idea about.  I found myself trying to look through the CDs to find something new and thinking that it would a lot easier to just download things instead, and it would certainly be easier to discover things on the internet.

Basically, I think it’s a shame that I think like that, and I’m sure that there are millions more people who feel the same way.  It’s just kind of a hassle to go to a record store these days.

May all record stores rest in peace.  I still miss you, Grapevine.



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