Graphic Designers: Collectors of sorts

24 Jan

I love print and web design. If you looked on my internet browsers saved links you might be overwhelmed (8,000 in total.) Collecting websites via stumble is one of my favorite down time activities. I also save all the magazines I buy. Every. Single. One of them.  There is one magazine in particular that really totes my goats.  Flaunt Magazine is a beautiful mixture of art, music, fashion, and the strange. The graphic design is beyond speechless.  Today I bought the most recent issue and I think I fell in love. Actually, I know I fell in love, because I can’t help gazing at it with loving eyes. I think its safe to say many designers/artists are collectors of sorts when it comes to their creative need for having something beautiful (and cheap.) Like The PEEL Literary Arts print magazine 😉

I find it refreshing being one of the many graphic designer hoarders. I have cheap art on a beer budget. And all the magazines serve some creative purpose for me.

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