Happy Paradox: WHITEvoid

23 Jan

In my wildly biased graphic designer’s opinion, interaction design is one of the most interesting facets of current creative movement. This area describes an alarming variety of work, from the interactive capabilities of your cell phone, or the last amazing exhibit you experienced at a museum, to the functional use of this website; it is defined basically as any interactive system. In these times, this usually connotes a technological component and necessitates thoughtful design.

WHITEvoid, an interaction design firm working out of China and Germany, is at the forefront of this movement. They specialize in large scale atmospheric design, with a signature of stunning, playful work. Below are video of just two of their many award winning projects. For more, which you will most certainly desire, visit http://www.whitevoid.com/#.

FLARE Facade

This piece is actually more about the structure you don’t see- below the shingles, the form to which they’re attached can be programed to alter the angles of each shingle in turn, creating different reflective tones and forming images. This was created in 2008, and lives in Berlin.


Polygon Playground

This “dynamic lounge object” was commissioned by SMUKfest, a large music festival in Denmark. A sophisticated projector works with a motion sensing device, flashing fluid imagery on the structure’s surface in response to participant interaction. This piece was also made in 2008, clearly a good year.


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