Joseph L. Griffiths

18 Jan

Hello Dear Souls,

I hope you are having a great Toosday. I have a superb treat for you and I’m sure your little eyes will enjoy it.

According to Kitsune Noir (The Fox is Black) says: “Melbourne-trained/Paris-based artist Joseph . L Griffiths specialises in drawings and incredible mechanical installations. In both mediums he seeks “to transcribe the living relationship between man & machine” in what is an undeniably poetic way. Using his detailed graphite illustrations “to evoke the digital sheen of production” and his installations to “propose a return to primitive technologies and encourage a reconnection to the manual and man-made worlds through manual crafts”, Griffiths’ work cleverly subverts the assumptions associated with drawing and mechanics. The results are extremely appealing, both visually and conceptually.”

Agreed! Here are some awesome pictures of Joseph’s creation:

Hope you all have a safe and happy and healthy and sexy week.

Kristen P

( For the linkage, go here: )


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