Eco-art? More like resourceful.

18 Jan

If anyone is friends with an art major you know how much money we hemorrhage for art supplies.  Such as that awesome paper that we have to have for our next drawing assignment, archival markers for our next project (because you know that in a hundred years it will be hanging in a gallery), or chiseling tools we’ll use for that one class but we convince ourselves we’ll use them again.

I’ve been sitting on the idea of creating artwork using the books I’ve collected over the years at the abandoned book section at the library. So far they’ve just made a nice little tower in the corner of my living room, but thankfully the most I’ve spent on them has been a total of $6.

San Francisco-based Alexis Mackenzie creates meticulously abstract collages from a variety of found books.  Her works are absolutely refreshing to view and just makes me realize all the possibilities that surround me with these dust collecting books.

So while I try to save up for my wedding, I’ll be coming up with resourceful/earth friendly ways I can make art for my classes without spending too much “dolla bills y’all.”

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