25 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  I hope everyone is with their family and whatnot.  Alternatively, if you don’t like your family, I hope you’re with people you can stand to be around.  My parents decided to go to Arizona, so I’m going to be hanging out with my roommate’s family.  PAAAAAAAAARTAAAAAAAY!

The traditional Thanksgiving feast

I honestly don’t have much to say in this post.  I’m so thankful to get a break from final papers and projects that I have done nothing productive these past two days, and I may have forgotten how to do basic arithmetic.  But this is the price we pay for leisure, yes?

So, friends, eat till you can eat no longer, watch football, and revel in being the quintessential American.  If you’re going shopping tomorrow real early, try not to get hurt.  I’ll be at Walmart at five in the morning, trying to make sure nobody kills each other.



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