True Vintage Digital—No editing needed

20 Nov

I came across this link awhile ago and just had to share. I have a ‘small obsession’ with photography. I have a collection of about 5 old cameras ranging from 1927–1975, and was out shopping for some yesterday as well (sadly, purchases postponed until after holiday spending).

Anyways, could there be any better way to merge the vintage look of old photography with the connivence of digital than to (professionally and skillfully) slap a 100 year old lens onto a 5D? I think not. The images are absolutely amazing, they look 100 years old and yet you’re thrown off because A) half the images are in color and B) you see a new BMW or a minivan in the background. Also, for any that aren’t as much of a design/photography nerd as I am, the Canon 5D can take video. So the video on the page is shot with the 100 year old lens. The result is incredible, to say the least. No more words…go check it out for yourself 🙂

—Jenna Slawson
Graphic Design Print Head


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