The Wonderful Won Lee

7 Nov

For me, art is often very interesting when studied as the product of various influence. Today, it is often difficult, and ultimately irrelevant, to brand a work of art as a painting, drawing, sculpture, et cetera, and sources of inspiration are infinite.

Hear what rising street artist Won Lee has to say about his inspiration, and check out his fantastic, colorful creations.

“Everything influences. I think we get subconsciously influenced the most. Even more than what we think consciously influences us. The majority of human beings have horrible memory. A good example is, right before you leave the house you tell yourself a hundred times to not forget your hat. 20 minutes after you leave your house, you remember you left your hat. How annoying! I believe that your everyday experiences shape your art. Every microsecond counts into shaping decisions and next steps. I guess life is like that too. Circumstance is what we’re looking at here folks. I am like I am today because of the experiences I went through, probably in the order I went through them… Whatever.

Artists that have greatly caught my interest have always been artists that I would have pictured differently. Ralph Steadman is an old English grandpa, but to me his art feels so youthful and energetic. It has the grotesqueness and dirt of some edgy emo kid, who smokes cigarettes, does drugs, drinks a lot, and reads Edgar Allan Poe all day to be edgy and emo.

When I was younger, looking at Andy Warhol’s pop art, I always pictured him to be some clean cut business man who does art to pay off his lambo payments, American psycho style.  But upon seeing who he was, and how he conducted himself, I never would have guessed that’s how he was like. I guess I’m down with artists that throw you off a little. Other people might have figured that’s how these people would be, but I on the other hand like to fantasize about how something is before I actually experience it for myself. Sometimes its different, sometimes its not, sometimes I’m down with it, sometimes I’m not. Thats life, no?”


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