The post everyone has been waiting for

31 Oct

Sorry to everyone for this being up a little late but I had to work out a couple more bugs and things before actually making the site somewhat viewable for everyone. Anyway though below is a link to the workingish version of the site.

For you all that do not know we are doing a major change on the website from being a magazine want-to-be type thing and instead building it as an online archive were students, faculty, and others can see the best artwork from Appalachian State University.

There are still some bugs and some design things I’m working out and pretty much all the content are placeholders ( that’s why there’s a million of the same thumbnail on the archive page haha ) but now everyone can see the basic look of the site and what the new online issue of the magazine is going to look like. Also I’m uploading the unfinished site to my server space until we get the site completely done if your wondering what’s up with the super crazy url haha.

– Keegan Robinson


One Response to “The post everyone has been waiting for”

  1. bryan October 31, 2010 at 8:07 pm #

    i like it a lot, but you misspelled my first name

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