26 Oct

Recently, I was introduced to this website( that has some gigapixel images. These are panoramic shots of areas in Vancouver. For those that don’t know a gigapixel image is a digital image composed of one billion pixels; and you thought your 14 MP Nikon was good.

The best part is that you can zoom in unbelievably close. So, of course, I spent the better part of an hour trying to find something scandalous going on in each shot. Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything violent or salacious. It is Canada. Anyway, it got me thinking. This is sort of scary technology. Yes, there are extremely practical uses in pathology, physics and art; but what’s a concern is its military and state potential. Everyone has used Google to zoom in on their house, but think about being able to zoom in so far as to see what’s going on inside your house. Talk about Big Brother.

Privacy is a commodity hard to come by now and with these types of imaging technology only growing, in a few short years privacy will be totally extinct. This is a rather alarming concept, especially to those, like me, that dream fondly of one day living the life of a recluse.

Food for thought.


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