Weekly Wallpaper #1

19 Oct

by Keegan Robinson  ( Online Head )

Well, this is a new addition to the blog but to catch you all up to speed as well as being a graphic designer I also travel and over the years have built up a large collection of photography. Every week I am uploading one of my favorite photos that you can use for your background if you so desire along with the story of how the image came to be.  Tune in next week for image number two!

Sosua, La Republica Dominicana

I shot this sunset back in December of 2008 while in Sosua, Dominican Republic. The area, although somewhat tourism driven, is far from the beaten path. For those who do not know The Dominican Republic is one of the most beautiful islands in The Caribbean but suffers from extreme poverty, corrupt government, an out of control wild dog population, several deadly diseases including malaria, extreme storms and hurricanes, as well as growing pollution levels. While there for I spent my time experiencing local towns and culture, studying Spanish, and in all just learning what life in an underdeveloped country is really like.

Even with its problems however, the people of the country share a mentality and life that is enough to make any westerner jealous. Regardless of money or anything else bad in their lives Dominicans have a happiness about them were they just never seem to worry or let anything get to them and always make the most of life in a beautiful country. With electricity that goes out daily, warm weather all year, and locally grown food the only food available the country also leaves almost no carbon footprint and sets a model of how we can change to save our environment!


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