Star Wars & Falling Asleep 101

19 Oct

So, boys and girls, I have a problem. It’s called “falling asleep at 8pm and then waking up at 11” or more simply put, welcome to college, midterms suck.

So, once, when I was younger…my Dad was all “Hey, let’s take a break from watching Arnold Schwarzenegger (definitely had to google that one) films and watch these cool movies about space!” So, we did. Those movies were appropriately named Star Wars. All history aside, I found something amazing that I wanted to share with you PEELers. Here you go:

Jeremy Messersmith – Tatooine (Click me!) from Eric Power on Vimeo

Star Wars given the Paper Treatment! Watch the Original Trilogy retold via paper animation set to the lovely song ‘Tatooine’ by Jeremy Messersmith!

Animated/Directed by Eric Power

(Also, Jeremy has a great ‘pay what you choose’ option for getting digital copies of this song plus all three of his fantastic albums. You can find em on his bandcamp page here: )

Unfortunately, I can’t get the video to embed here, but you can click on the link to watch the Star Wars trilogy condensed into 2:40 seconds…and the story is told with the help of paper animation. I highly recommend that you watch and enjoy.


Also, I found this and thought it would be fitting for our theme o the day ( )




One Response to “Star Wars & Falling Asleep 101”

  1. bryan October 20, 2010 at 5:47 pm #

    whip it real good

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