Beautiful But Morbid Art

15 Oct

How many of you listen to the band Flaming Lips?  My favorite song by them is “She Don’t Use Jelly,” mostly for its lyrics and playful story line.  Anyways, I have been an avid stumbler for about two years now and so far racked up a total of 7,660 favorites, which just shows you how addicted I am.  The past week my lovely Stumbleupon took me to a video that shows the lead singer for the Flaming Lips using his own blood to create a screen print!

I’m so flabbergasted as to how he 1) got the blood out of the hospital, 2)  was approved by the hospital just to get his blood taken, and 3) what did the studio space he made it in think of this bloody process?

So here is a video of him making his screen print. I hope you enjoy it 🙂 By the way, I do not condone doing this in Wey Hall.  Make this mess in your own space.



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