City Beat

12 Oct

First of all, it’s Monday, Peelers (which means different things to different people, but the general consensus is a collective groan). But good news, it’s technically Tuesday according to the hour hand on my watch!

This weekend, I drove. A lot. Which gave me a lot of time to listen to NPR, which is really the equivalent of eating ice cream for me. (I love to eat ice cream.) There was a talk this weekend on Radiolab about cities and how they are, in all actuality, living organisms. I agree, wholeheartedly. I love the city. Which city? Any city. But specifically THE city, New York City, home of bohemians, stock marketeers, and a population so diverse it’ll make your head spin. Radiolab, which is based in NYC, shares my sentiment about cities. They are alive (energy in, energy out) and each city literally has its own rhythm by which it operates. This rhythm, the heartbeat of the city (if you will), is found in the amount of footsteps each person takes per a given amount of distance. Each city has a different average amount of footsteps per 60meters (I think it was 60m, don’t quote me on that, Apple Peels). According to some, this average walking rhythm that each city has, gives it its rhythm and pulse. What makes each city have a different rhythm? The existing mentality, the culture, the amount of booze you drink before 12pm? A little note from Radiolab: “Every city has its own unique feel–but where does that feeling come from? Bob Levine, Professor of Psychology at California State University, found a way to take the pulse of a city…and get a little bit closer to locating its heart.”

At any rate, all of this being said, cities are marvelous organisms that are defined by the people who live in them, and by the tiniest things, such as how many times you drop your foot onto the pavement. So, the point of this article was factual…and encouraging. Go travel! Go experience each city for its idiosyncratic qualities. Heck, go experience each rolling field for ITS unique qualities, if cities aren’t your thing. Since each city is unique in its rhythm and pace via footsteps, think of all of the other unique things each city (and its subsequent culture) has to offer. My next stop? D.C. (IF I can convince my roommate to forgo common sense and hit the road with me in the middle of a school week-here’s to hoping!). Where would YOU like to go next, if you had the time and money?





(psst, if you wanna listen to this podcast, go here: )


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