Late Night Juices

6 Oct

That sounds inappropriate.  I swear it’s not.  This blog post is about the Insomnia Creativity Factor, a thing I just made up…well not exactly.  Chuck Wendig, a “freelance penmonkey” as he calls himself, owns and operates Terrible Minds, a blog dedicated to his insane ramblings about writing and other nonsense he finds funny.   A recent post of his discusses the creative process of working in the middle of the night.

I for one am a strong proponent of late night writing.  Poetry, short stories, funny YouTube videos I will never make.  Almost all of these ideas come in the middle of the night.  Maybe it has something to do with the sheer boredom that comes from no one else being awake and there not being anything on television and you’ve actually become BORED with the Internet, but the wee hours of the morning are the times in which I am at my best.  Granted, I am forced into now because of a night job, but to those true insomniacs out there, take this advice and run with it.

Liken it to those few precious moments before you fall asleep and that great sitcom idea finally unfolds before you, but before you can get it onto paper, you drift off and that gem is gone forever, lost in your REM patterns.  Wendig asks that, at those precious moments where you feel your brain begin to get mushy and sound crazy, STAY AWAKE.  These are usually the best ideas you can come up with.  Stick with this process, and you may create something genuinely creative, and not something bored and cliche.  Wendig even says to use this rare ability to your own advantage.  Plan accordingly for your crazy idea storms:

The day and night before, literally load your brain with some questions about your creative endeavor that’s troubling you. It’s like a slow-cooker. Stick it in there, turn on your unconscious mind, and walk away. Just walk away. Stop thinking about it, and go to bed.

Your brain will heat those ideas up. It’ll break down the connective tissue and soften the whole problem up so it pulls apart with a fork.

Of course, you might awaken at five o’clock in the morning with fork-tender thought-meats, and now you have to do something with it before the food spoils. But that is what I like to think of as a “good problem to have.”

So to all of you who go in search of a creative boost when working on a story, or trying to paint something new and unique, I say to you: Don’t Sleep. Ever.

you can thank this man.

– Andrew H. Baker
Poetry Committee Chair


3 Responses to “Late Night Juices”

  1. Angie October 11, 2010 at 4:02 am #

    sounds very familiar…

  2. thepeel October 12, 2010 at 5:13 am #

    By the way, late night juices sounds slightly raunchy. Just sayin’.

  3. thepeel October 12, 2010 at 5:14 am #

    …oh yes, I see, you addressed that.

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