Creative, intuitive, yummy

21 Oct
I got a thing for food and art....

I got a thing for food and art....

Every now and again I like to go to and look in their Art & Design section.  Tonight I’ve found my all time favorite Art Form/New Movement!  Its been dated back to the fourteenth century and was started by the very resourceful Japanese.  The Art of food in Japan is not just simply based on the convince or price of it, but! instead is based on the aesthetics of the way the food is shaped, looks, and most importantly tastes.

The Editors of New York Times who posted this article were explaining how many Americans today, like myself, are tired of looking at food and not getting any pleasure from except for its belly filling success.  A new mainstream trend that is slowly occurring is Americans taking their food and making a statement out of it!  It is called Bento!  Bento is taking foods and making them into shapes and forms to create a new look of the food we all eat.  As you can see in the image down below this food artist took their rice, dyed it pink, and then used boiled egg to create a little piggy treat!

If you’re as excited as me about Bento here is a wonderful link to help you on your food art way!

pigs in a yummy blanket of food ^_^

Here is an exquisite, beautiful, and ,may I say, seductive lunch.  My friends, here is a Bento!


One Response to “Creative, intuitive, yummy”

  1. thepeel October 28, 2009 at 12:30 am #

    Angie, You are awesome!

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