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Critique Classes and Upcoming Events

28 Oct

Hello everyone,

Critique classes for the Poetry and Art committees have been scheduled!

The poetry committee critique class will be held Wednesday, October 28th at 6:15
in Room 421 of New Belk Library.
Sarah Humphries and Joseph Bathanti will guide
the group through the review and selection process.

The art committee critique class will be held October 30th at 4:10 in Wey Hall
Room 131
.  Angela Barker and Kathleen Campbell will be leading this critique

Students interested in the Prose committee should contact us for information
about the next committee meeting.  Students can also join the facebook
group–link provided below.

If you are unable to make these times due to a prior commitment but would still
like to be involved, please contact us at and we will
schedule a make up date.

Other Upcoming Events:

–Our next Monthly Meeting will be held on November 4th at 7:30 in Room 421 of
New Belk Library.

–The PEEL will be hosting an Open Mic Night November 16th at 8 PM in Crossroads
Cafe.  Those interested in reading should come 10 minutes early to have their
poetry or short fiction checked by a PEEL staff member.

Remember: The Fall Deadline is November 20th for the debut edition of the
online magazine.
Get creative and send your submissions in soon!  Encourage
your friends and classmates to submit as well.

Also, for more information on the different committees to get involved in, find us on Facebook!

The PEEL Lit

Prose Committee–



Special Events

Graphic Design


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at anytime!

The PEEL Staff

Fall Update-10/21/09

21 Oct

Last week we had our first monthly meeting of the year and it went great! Thanks to everyone who came out and got involved. For those of you who were not able to make it, be sure to check out the different committees to find your place with The PEEL. We have updated the different upcoming events on our website, and hope everyone will be able to make it out to our next monthly meeting. Submissions are starting to come in, so make sure you send us your work as soon as you can. If you have any questions be sure to email us at, or join our facebook group to stay updated.

Creative, intuitive, yummy

21 Oct
I got a thing for food and art....

I got a thing for food and art....

Every now and again I like to go to and look in their Art & Design section.  Tonight I’ve found my all time favorite Art Form/New Movement!  Its been dated back to the fourteenth century and was started by the very resourceful Japanese.  The Art of food in Japan is not just simply based on the convince or price of it, but! instead is based on the aesthetics of the way the food is shaped, looks, and most importantly tastes.

The Editors of New York Times who posted this article were explaining how many Americans today, like myself, are tired of looking at food and not getting any pleasure from except for its belly filling success.  A new mainstream trend that is slowly occurring is Americans taking their food and making a statement out of it!  It is called Bento!  Bento is taking foods and making them into shapes and forms to create a new look of the food we all eat.  As you can see in the image down below this food artist took their rice, dyed it pink, and then used boiled egg to create a little piggy treat!

If you’re as excited as me about Bento here is a wonderful link to help you on your food art way!

pigs in a yummy blanket of food ^_^

Here is an exquisite, beautiful, and ,may I say, seductive lunch.  My friends, here is a Bento!


8 Oct

monthlymeeting2The PEEL Monthly Meeting will be held Tuesday, October 13th at 7:30 PM in Belk Library Room 421.  Come meet the 2009-2010 staff and join one of our committees!