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25 Mar

The PEEL Literary Arts Magazine is hosting an Open Mic Night for all students at ASU.  The event will be held in Calloway Peak Room of the Plemmons Student Union @ 7 PM.  Please bring pieces 10-15 minutes early for a PEEL Staff member to look over and approve.  Any form of writing is welcome.

We will also be providing publication information/release date for this year’s addition of The PEEL.

Please bring your friends and get ready for a night full of fun!


3 Mar

Hello everyone!

Our email account went overquota around 9:00 pm on February 28th.  If you attempted to submit and received an email error message, please resubmit your work to If you submitted any writing or artwork after 9:00 pm, please feel free to send us an email inquiry to ensure that we received your submissions–you will be allowed to resubmit should your work not be in our records.  We apologize for this inconvenience.

The PEEL Staff

Changes to The PEEL?

2 Mar

Hello everyone!

The PEEL Literary Arts Magazine’s final submission deadline has come to a close.  With the amount of submissions we received, this edition of The PEEL will be the best yet.  Those selected for publication will be notified in the upcoming weeks.

For those interested in increasing their PEEL involvement, consider applying for one of our many staff positions.  Editor-in-chief applications are due by Friday, March 6th so if you know someone who is highly organized, motivated and has an excellent eye for detail, tell them to email and request an application today!  The other positions are:

Assistant Editor
Editorial Assistant
Production Editor (Also Graphic Design Committee Head)
Committee Heads (Art, fiction and non-fiction)
And possibly even an Events Coordinator

For the PEEL to continue to be a strong presence on campus, we need dedication from the people we serve.  Get involved by submitting your writing and artwork or even taking the time to be a volunteer reader/serve on a committee.  This is ASU’s venue for student creativity so lets make it great together!

The current staff is also in the process suggesting some key changes to The PEEL.  We want your thoughts!  Should the PEEL be an Annual publication, or a semesterly publication?  How do you feel about increasing PEEL events like open mic nights, battle of the bands or film screenings?  If there is something you would like to see The PEEL do comment and let us know!

Look for more updates about the release date of The PEEL and the Gala event that will be an excellent close to another year for ASU’s literary magazine, The PEEL!

–Sarah Mosseller
Production Editor