Staff Interview–Sarah Mosseller

28 Jan


“Choose your corner, pick away at it carefully, intensely and to the best of your ability and that way you might change the world.”
–Charles Eames

Name: Sarah Mosseller
Age: 21
Class: Senior
Majors:  Journalism, Public Relations and Advertising
Minor:  English
Production Editor
Graphic Design Chair

About Me:
What can I say?  I am currently a senior at Appalachian State University…trying not to drive myself crazy after deciding to be the first triple-major in the communication department at ASU.  I wouldn’t expect anything less than that from me though, afterall I have too many passions to name and an infuriating ability to never be able to make up my mind.

I completed an internship this summer at Tor Books in NYC.  (Yes, I am a dork.)  It was such a great experience, and aside from showing me the dark, inner-workings of a publishing house, it made one thing unquestionably certain for me–I want to go into publishing.  It is the ultimate dream of every book worm.

Growing up I was constantly reading; I was the kid standing in line at Disney world, the happiest freaking place on earth, reading a book because all the fantastic things around me seemed boring compared to what I could see within a book.
Now this all sounds so romantic because I am still in college, with all the highest hopes and ideals for the publishing industry, and the intensity that comes from being untried and eager to prove myself.

This summer also taught me that the publishing industry is not glamorous, it is a job that revolves around the need to make revenue, just like any other business out there.  I guess I just hope that there are people who want to be there for the chance to impact the world through print, and allowing new voices to break onto the scene, rather than just the big green.

I wanted to get involved with The PEEL because it is a great thing to support creativity and expression.  I want to make sure that when someone submits writing or artwork, that they have an interesting, dynamic venue to house their creativity.  I am really looking forward to laying out the magazine and getting it ready for publication.

And now for something completely different…

Likes: dancing in front of the mirror, driving fast on curvy roads, kudzu, chapstick, art, painting, incubus, holding hands, laughing, sprinting, blushing, morning stretching, warm towels out of the dryer, seducing strangers, sharing a moment, pickles, the flash seat, rugby songs, wal-mart, apples, boys, girls, movies, salsa dancing, tag, finding money in winter coats, movies that are poorly dubbed, deciding to walk in the rain, singing in the shower, Xena, bling, sherbert, rope swings, virgin snow, writing, egyptian rat screw, uncontrollable laughter, giving massages, alarm clock techno, bc powder, chuck taylors, being right, feeling butterflies, surprising someone, baby got back, stove-top stuffing, number 2 pencils, Tim the Pixie, midori, monty python, roaring, boys, girls, C-rations, platypuses, midnight rendezvous, lightning bugs, pippi longstocking, flying, incense, cuddling, inside jokes, cutting flips, escapism, the waffle house, lodge, accents, the smell of gasoline or a freshly lit match, aqua thumb and the belly button avenger, the mellow mushroom, martial art movies, oberweis milk, dreams, ron weasley, underwater handstands, renaissance fairs, grilled cheese sandwiches, manhunt, subway, scary movies, roller coasters, taco bell, riding on camels, army surplus stores, fortune cookie messages that make no sense, playing marco polo when you aren’t in the pool, shin guards, rocky horror picture show, the goonies, never have I ever, hotel california. life. love. lollypops.


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