Staff Interview–Katrina Benton

12 Dec

Katrina Benton, Non-Fiction Committee Head

Katrina Benton, Non-Fiction Committee Chair

Name: Katrina Benton
Age: 21
Class: Senior
Major: English (Professional Writing) and Spanish double-major

What is your role for The PEEL? What are your responsibilities?
I am the non-fiction committee chair; I am in charge of leading and organizing meetings including the critique classes as well as submission vote meetings.

What type of writing/artwork are you looking for in regard to your committee? General guidelines, etc.
I am looking for non-fiction pieces that stimulate the mind and inspire the soul. I enjoy reading essays, historical non-fiction, journal/newspaper/magazine articles that tell real, meaningful stories.

Why did you want to get involved with the literary arts magazine?

Since I am hoping to find a career in publishing, I wanted to dabble in all aspects of publication before I graduated; The PEEL just happened to be at the top of my list because it shows the wide variety of talent ASU contains.

Why do you feel a literary arts magazine is important to student life?
A literary arts magazine represents people from all walks of life who have their own story or perspective on different “hot” topics. It’s important that the general public or other students experience their thoughts and emotion.

How do you feel new media (websites, blogs, streaming video/audio, etc) is affecting student publications? Is it a good thing or a bad thing?
My friends joke about how technologically-illiterate I am, so I have to give an “I don’t know” to this question. I see both sides of the issue and would argue for good and bad.

Were you published in the previous publication? If so, how do you feel this will affect your future endeavors?
I was not, but I served on the poetry committee last year and helped vote on pieces that were put in. I do hope to submit a few pieces this year and perhaps I’ll be published.

What are your career goals? What do you see yourself doing in five years?
I want to be a major force in the publishing field; I love editing and writing—they are my passions in life. I will stop at nothing to achieve success and happiness. I also have to mention my recent engagement to my “match” of five years; we will marry June 20 of next summer after we both graduate from ASU.

How do you think your role in this publication will help you in the future?
I hope that I will peel down into further layers of publishing and learn even more about the technical aspects.

Do you feel your experience at ASU has prepared you for your chosen career?

I do. This past summer I interned at High Country Press and was hired by the end of the summer to be a contributing writer. I write one-two articles and manage all calendars every week for the newspaper; I am one of two managing editors of their Visitor Guide; and I have written one article or so in each issue of the magazine since July. (Check out HCP!!!)

Who is your favorite author/artist? Why?
Hm… tough one. I am a Faulkner fan. I really enjoy Thoreau. Heck, I can’t make up my mind on this one…I’ll read anything!

I was born in Georgetown, SC on May 31, 1987. My father was a minister throughout my childhood; we moved around a lot. But, my family eventually ended up in Monroe, NC outside of Charlotte. Oh, I’m also the oldest of five. And, then I ended up here at ASU. There. That’s my short bio.

Interested in submitting non-fiction pieces to Katrina? Send her everything you’ve got!

To Submit:

1. Compose an e-mail to
2. Type the style of your submission in the subject box (i.e. art, fiction,
poetry, essay, etc.)
3. Type your name and major in the body of the e-mail (also include the medium
of your piece(s) if you are submitting any forms of artwork)
4. Attach your work(s) as PDF files
5. Click send!


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