Open Mic Night with The PEEL

19 Nov

The PEEL Literary Arts magazine is hosting an Open Mic Reading/Exhibit on November 20th at 8pm at Crossroads Cafe. The theme for this event is ‘Time.’ Any student interested in reading an original piece or displaying their artwork should show up 15 minutes early so they can be checked in by a PEEL staff member. This is a great way to support the PEEL as well as display your creative talents to the university!

We encourage everyone attending this event to bring a book (or many books!) to donate. These books will be distributed to schools in the community. So bring a book, have a coffee, and enjoy a great night with The PEEL!

For those also interested in being published in our annual magazine, send submissions to

To Submit:

1. Compose an e-mail to
2. Type the style of your submission in the subject box (i.e. art, fiction,
poetry, essay, etc.)
3. Type your name and major in the body of the e-mail (also include the medium
of your piece(s) if you are submitting any forms of artwork)
4. Attach your work(s) as a PDF file
5. Click send!

We look forward to reviewing your submissions!


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