Staff Interview–Amy Saltmarsh

4 Nov

Amy Saltmarsh, Editor-in-Chief


Amy Saltmarsh, Editor-in-Chief



“I never know what I think about something until I read what I’ve written on it.”

 – William Faulkner

A short bio:

       Growing up, I never owned more than a single winter coat and a thin toboggan. The sunshine state was, as implied, sunny and warm so I spent my days tromping barefoot around our lakefront yard, fishing for mullet (delicious fried or in dip though traditionally used only for bait), or selling my Barbies and crafts door to door.  At 5, after putting on my first pair of soccer cleats my journey towards athletic stardom began. I was determined to be the next Mia Hamm . . . so much for that.  At 6, my younger sister Ellen was diagnosed with leukemia; the treatment for which required four years of hospitalization and moving back and forth between Florida and South Carolina.  No worries, Ellen has been in remission nearly 10 years now.

      Not much happened between 10 and 18.  Middle school was full of drama, but isn’t it always?  Seventh grade my family moved to Gastonia, NC. One cannot imagine the torment I endured due to the name of my new home.  At 14 I spent my first summer as a volunteer at Camp I Am Special in St. Augustine, FL.  The camp provides one on one care to severely handicapped persons who exude an unconditional love that reminds me of my blessings and draws me back year after year.

      15 – 18 – lots of soccer, softball, volunteer work, and theatre.  I have never been much of an actress, but stage managing suits me well.  To this day I continue to design sets and work in the community theatre.  After high school I meandered to High Point University in pursuit of a degree in technical theatre.  Finding that this was/is not my passion but rather a hobby, I transferred to Appalachian State where I have finally settled on a degree in Sociology and English. 

      The PEEL has been a great and trying endeavor, providing me with a sense of accomplishment unlike any other.  In starting this organization, I never imagined the number of people it would affect, involve. It is a pleasure and an honor to pursue my passion for literature alongside others duly passionate.


Name: Amy Saltmarsh
Age: 20
Class: 2010
Major: Sociology

What is your role for The PEEL?  What are your responsibilities?
AS:  I am the Editor in Chief/founder of The PEEL. My responsibilities are too many to name, but each day presents a new challenge and a full inbox. Most of my time is spent planning, talking to faculty, staff, and students about their visions, ideas, questions, and/or concerns regarding the magazine. In other words, I see myself as the go-to person for The PEEL, all knowing and all telling, just kidding, I am not that arrogant. Anyway, my goal and the reason I started this publication is to provide students with a creative venue for expression. I want Appalachian to be recognized for the incredible literary and artistic talents of its students.

What type of writing/artwork are you looking for in regard to your committee?
AS: We accept multiple forms of writing and artwork including, but not limited to: essays, short stories, creative non-fiction, dramatic monologues, poetry, photography, painting, sculpture, mixed media, drawings, character sketches, translations . . . the list goes on and on.

Why did you want to get involved with the literary arts magazine?
AS:  Appalachian State was the only public university in NC to be without an undergraduate literary arts magazine. Every university should have a literary arts magazine so as to recognize the talents of its students.

Why do you feel a literary arts magazine is important to student life?
AS:  The PEEL allows students of similar interests to come together and work toward a goal/end product – the magazine! Involvement with The PEEL is intended to be both fun and educational, great for resume material!

How do you feel new media (websites, blogs, streaming video/audio, etc) is affecting student publications?  Is it a good thing or a bad thing?
AS:  I feel that wesbites or blogs about student publications such as The PEEL are important, but I feel that there is something to be said about paging through a book/magazine. I would never want to see an electronic version of The PEEL because it would take away from its mystery and excitement. Scrolling down a webpage becomes quite monotonous and requires much less effort than picking up magazine and taking the time to look through it. Too much of the world is technology based and I for one get tired of sitting in front of the computer.

What are your career goals?  What do you see yourself doing in five years?
AS:  Oh dear! I have no idea where I am headed. Perhaps some look down on indecision, but I am trying to embrace it. Life is full of opportunities and surprises; I love too many things and have had too little life experience to know what my future holds. Ideally, whatever my career, I hope to be faced with challenge after challenge. In five years, who knows where I’ll be?! Maybe I will teach grammar? Few love semicolons as much as I do.

How do you think your role in this publication will help you in the future?
AS:  Man these questions! I hope that it will prove to future employers that I am both motivated and capable in a leadership position.

Who is your favorite author/artist?  Why?
AS:  Gary Soto for him poem, “Oranges.” It was the first poem I ever read and spurred my love for language. 


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